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Over 1 000 000 Lives Changed in 46 Years

At Avroy Shlain, we offer everyday women the opportunity to make money, become business leaders and grow with true confidence. This is our way of empowering women all over South Africa to thrive in a challenging economy, and positively change their lives, their families, and the communities they live in.

Turn your children into professionals

I started off with nothing but at the end of it all, my daughter has a degree, i have a house, a car and have travelled the world.

Seize this opportunity to have it all
– Maureen Kekana

If women can take the challenge of believing in themselves, you start there, nothing is impossible.

Creating confident, independent, empowered women
– tshidi Kekana

Come with your amazing personality and we will teach you, train you and bring out your true potential to be an amazing entrepreneur.

– Nombuleleo Mathibela

It is an advantage to drive my own car. Sometimes I meet other ladies and I want them to see that in our company they give us cars.

Go from Beauty Advisor to Area Distributor
– Busisiwe Madonsela

When you’re an Area Distributor the lifestyle changes. With my earnings, I get five digits in the bank!