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Be The Star That You Are This Women’s Month!

This month, Avroy Shlain’s Brand Ambassador, Zola Nombona, gives us her perspective on why every woman is the star of her own life, bringing love and light to others through her one-of-a-kind beauty. Zola also lets us in on the beauty secrets that keep her sparkling on and off screen, allowing her confidence and charisma to shine through.

For Zola, each woman is a unique spark of light in the lives of her loved ones, even if she doesn’t always know it. In her own words, “[t]hey are career women, chefs, nurses, home executives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Women take on these roles with respect, grace, and very big hearts.” Avroy Shlain enables each woman to embrace the different parts we play by creating ideal products for shaping our inner beauty and helping it shine for all to see.

The Many Faces Of A Woman’s Beauty

As Zola points out, women are wonderfully complex creatures with multiple layers making up the quirks of our personalities and the strength of our ambitions. Whether it’s taking on a leadership role as a high-powered executive, turning your house into a home for precious family moments, or supporting a sibling, friend, and colleague by just making them feel heard – it’s important to take pride in all the different roles we play each and every day!

It’s also easy to forget that all this effort and passion we pour into our lives without even thinking about it reveals a radiant spirit with the power to breathe life into seemingly ordinary days. We don’t always see ourselves through the eyes of others or appreciate our special sort of loveliness, and this is why Avroy Shlain is here to bring out our best features, reminding us how much of a difference our inner and outer beauty makes to the world. Whether it’s the infectious laughter of a friend that always gets the vibe going, or the soothing touch of a loving mother – we are each a star burning bright.

Zola believes all these features deserve the pampering products that accentuate each woman’s rare beauty. When it comes to adding attention-grabbing shimmer to her own features, Zola has pinpointed her favourite Avroy Shlain products to refine her natural style.

Zola’s Beauty Product Package

Beauty Secrets Pink Diamond

When asked what makes her sparkle, Zola raved about the feminine scent Pink Diamond: “This is my favourite fragrance to leave a lasting impression of my own beauty.” Clearly, Zola has found a product that complements her warmth and vitality, conveying the sparkling personality that lights up any room. Get the Eau de Parfum now for only R199 and save R240!

Beauty secrets tissue oil

Blessed with gorgeously dark skin, Zola nurtures its captivating glow by applying moisturisers straight after a bath, especially the Body Essence Hydrating Body Cream range. She added that “the range includes a lip balm that I carry in my handbag to moisturise and protect my lips.” This nourishing product is now available for only R199!

Beauty Secrets CRT Anti-ageing

Many of you are probably wondering how Zola manages to keep her skin so flawlessly healthy. Her answer? “It’s important to care for my skin, especially as I grow older. CRT Youth Gel is amazing at keeping my skin smooth and firm with a youthful radiance.” So, a great-looking skin is easily doable with this age-defying gel aimed at rejuvenating skin cells. If you buy a tube now for only R439, you’ll get one free!


Beauty secrets JS Fragrance

As an actress, Zola is no stranger to getting all dolled up for special occasions. However, what matters the most to her is feeling good about herself inside and out so that she simply oozes confidence when it counts the most. To achieve this Hollywood star feeling, she applies a range of JS scented products, including a roll-on, body spray, and Eau de Parfum. In her opinion, this range, “like a perfectly tailored suit, is a fragrance that every woman should own.” Being seductive has never been this easy when you can get all 3 products for only R319 and save R268!

Beauty Secrets Lipsticks

A woman’s smile is worth a thousand words. The curve of her lips, the tilt of her mouth, and even the width of her smile – all these details come together to convey a distinctive emotion that lights up her face and leaves men wondering what she might be thinking.

When asked which products she uses to light up her smile, Zola – with her magnificently luscious lips and broad smile – said she chooses “lipstick that has a rich colour to brighten up her smile”, drawing attention to her signature feature. With Colour Impact lipsticks from Coppélia Colour available in a wide range of shades, you’ll get that high-impact colour while also soothing your lips, thanks to the product’s built-in conditioners. Get three new shades for only R109 each!

Zola’s passion for the feminine spirit – and the unique beauty each woman expresses as we play our many roles – has motivated her to share the quality products Avroy Shlain brings to all Beautifully African goddesses. Now you can express every part of yourself like the glittering star you are! So, take advantage of the Women’s Month specials in our August brochure or contact us and we’ll put you in touch with an Avroy Shlain Beauty Advisor who will help you decide on the best products to bring your unique beauty to the surface.


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