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Beauty Tips For The Modern Mom
Moms, you’re amazing. There isn’t a single thing that we could possibly think of that would make you more stunning, special, or breathtakingly beautiful than you already are. You’re the soul of the nation, the heart of the community, and the glue that holds South African families together. You’re also doers of the impossible, balancing all of these responsibilities with flair and grace. Of course, even superwoman needs a helping hand every now and then, and if anyone deserves to feel as beautiful as they are, it’s you! So, with Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve put together this blog post to offer you some tips on how to ensure that, among your many responsibilities, you still have the time to treat yourself to the confidence boost that comes from self-care.

Quickly cover up grey hairs

Grey hairs have a habit of sneaking up on you; one day every strand is as vibrant as ever and the next time you look, a washed-out flash of grey is creeping out from your hairline. A few grey hairs are nothing to be ashamed of, of course. But a lady’s entitled to a touch of vanity, even if she doesn’t have the time to drop everything for an appointment with the hairdresser. A quick fix for the morning you wake up with an important meeting ahead of you while a lock of grey stares back at you from your bathroom mirror is to use a thick brush and a light application of eye shadow.   its silky smooth application, natural colours and matte finish, is perfect for the job. Choose a shade that is as close to your hair as possible, dab it lightly on the roots, and brush upward to blend the grey into your natural hair colour. This doesn’t really work if you have light hair, but the occasional stray strand of grey isn’t as obvious in light hair.

Mix lotion & bronzer for glowing skin

Between grocery shopping, doctor appointments, getting the kids to school on time, keeping your house in order, and making sure that you’re getting yourself to work, it’s very easy for you modern moms to neglect yourselves, missing out on the hours of sleep you need to refresh yourselves. This can rob you of the attractive glow of healthy, sun-kissed skin. While our first recommendation will always be to look after the beauty that is you, to get enough sleep and to prioritise a good skincare routine, we understand that sometimes life has other plans and the modern mom has to roll with the punches. If the day-to-day responsibilities of life have left your skin looking a little washed-out and dull, one solution is to mix equal parts bronzer and a moisturising body lotion and apply the mixture to your skin. The lotion will tone down the shimmer of the bronzer, and leave you with even, radiant-looking skin. Our Pure range of body care products offers great and affordable options to keep around the house, and our Coppélia Colour Shimmer Bronze Bronzing Pearls are fantastic for rounding out your glow.

Use dual-purpose products

Between makeup, skincare products, haircare products, and everything in between, a comprehensive beauty routine can involve about a thousand more steps than the modern mom has time for. Yes, you want to look and feel your best, but your time is valuable and you have to prioritise carefully. Not only that, but not everyone can afford to stock up on the huge number of products that a self-care regimen can involve. Especially when it comes to body and skincare products, save time later by taking the time up front to look for products that offer multiple benefits. For example, many of our moisturisers as well as several serums in our CRT anti-ageing range also act as sunscreen. We also recently launched a range of pollution-defense skincare products – treating your skin while protecting from environmental damage. Even when it comes to makeup, multi-purpose products are available. Our range of Coppélia Colour Wet and Dry Foundations, for example, serve as powders and foundation, on top of   against the sun.

Learn to love your natural hair texture

It’s become more and more of a talking point in the world of beauty over the past few years, but it’s worth repeating that you should take pride in your natural hair. Not only are the harsh heat treatments and chemicals we use to tame our manes time-consuming, but they’re often not good for your hair. Rather than subjecting your hair to relaxers, straighteners and other damaging and time-consuming treatments aimed at changing your natural texture completely, simply maintain good day-to-day care of your crown and bring out its natural beauty. Products like those in Avroy Shlain’s newly launched Afri Moisture Haircare range (available on special in this month’s brochure) are a perfect, simple and low-intensity addition to a haircare regimen.  Formulated with essential oils and other natural, healing ingredients, they help to easily style and control your hair, while nourishing and healing it – all with a few simple spritzes or no-fuss applications.

…And of course, Avroy Shlain

Not only do we have a wide range of beauty products, but our Beauty Advisors are ready and eager to help you decide on the best products and applications of styles to match your look and lifestyle. From skin and body care to fragrances, easy-to-apply glide-on cosmetics, and our newly launched Afri Moisture Haircare range, has everything the modern beauty regimen could possibly need. Whether you’re a mother yourself, or you want to treat the woman who brought you into this world, check out this month’s brochure, where we have great specials on products perfect for making mom’s day just a little more beautiful.


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