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Get the ultimate head-to-toe hydration

Loving the skin you’re in, from head to toe, goes hand in hand with what we stand for! Of course, this takes a lot of self-care and time. Hydrating your skin isn’t something that you should only do during the chilly winter months,  it should form part of your daily skin and body care regime all year round. Granted, this regime will change as each season has different effects on our hair, face, hands, and body.

Head-to-toe hydration equals self-love

When you drink water, work out, and have a healthy diet, you reap the rewards of looking and feeling Beautifully African, from the inside-out. This, is just a prelude to taking good care of yourself, from head-to-toe, but there’s more:

  • Hair – To begin the full hydration process, we must begin with your hair. How moisturised is it and are you happy with the results? Your hair is your crown and with the right products to nourish it, it thrives. For your hair to be healthy and strong, you need to maintain a good hair treatment regime. You can beat the heat this Summer with our Afri-Moisture hair care range which offers many different products that will assist with nourishing, protecting and moisturising your hair from root to tip.
  • Face – Now that your hair has been adequately hydrated, we move down to your face. Avroy Shlain has a variety of products in our arsenal to ensure your skin is cleansed, toned and moisturised. No matter whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, we have a product to suit your needs. Try our Nucelle, Skin Solutions or Tahlita skincare range. Apply one of our dermatologically tested moisturisers with suitable SPF levels to ensure that you own the glow! Of course, you need to follow the same skin regime for at least 6 weeks to see how it goes- so cleanse, tone, moisturise, and SLAY!
  • Body – Ever heard the saying that your body is your temple? Your temple carries your life and so you should help it look radiant! Our Body Essence range is just the thing that will provide your skin with the right moisture, scent, and glow. A girl can never have enough body spoils and our Love It Bubble Bath range will leave your body relaxed and rejuvenated!
  • Hands – Treating your hands with the ultimate care is just as important as you use them daily. Not only are they meant to be clean and beautifully manicured, but also sealed with the utmost moisture. You need to know your skin type to figure out the kind of hand cream to use. Our brochure has ranges of products to choose from, not forgetting some goodies for nail care.
  • Feet – Finally, we reach your precious feet and toes! They deserve lots of TLC too! Taking a load off and treating yourself to soothing foot soaks and massages does the trick. From rough skin removers, heel balms, cooling foot spray, and foot soaks, to a hydrating foot creams – our Pure foot care range will have your feet moisturised and ready to go!

Be Beautifully African 

Beauty starts from within and we at Avroy Shlain are here to help your true beauty shine from your head to your toes! Follow us on our social media platforms and keep up with how we own the glow.