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Get Trendy with These Perfumes from Our 2019 Fragrance Catalogue

The beginning of a new year represents a great chance for new beginnings, new looks and, of course, new fragrances.

As the unseen hero of your personal wardrobe, your chosen fragrance is your invisible signature; hanging pleasantly in the air and subtly reminding others of your presence long after you’ve left the room. It’s an enduring expression of you, telling the world who you are before their eyes have even taken you in.

We understand the importance of choosing the right fragrance, which is why we’ve put together this post, to guide you through some of the highest quality scents that Avroy Shlain has on offer.

So, enjoy great deals and make yourself unforgettable in 2019, with the silent statement of a signature fragrance from our quality range.

Coppélia : For The Sophisticated and The Self-Assured

Voted Avroy Shlain’s top selling lady fragrance, Coppélia® expresses confidence and elegance. It is the citrus and jasmine scent of the woman whose grace is matched only by her wisdom, and it complements the poise with which she always carries herself.

Save over 55% when you purchase the Coppélia® hamper – including Eau de Toilette, body spray and roll-on – for only R319.

Black Diamond: Be Lavish!

She works hard. She plays hard. And with Black Diamond® Premium Noir, she’ll have a fragrance that perfectly expresses both sides of her dynamic character. With a tempting mingling of fruity and floral scents, Black Diamond® perfectly communicates her lavish lifestyle.

At only R299, you’ll save over 45% on Black Diamond® Premium Noir, if you purchase it now.

The Moment: Embrace The Magical

Mark the magical moments in your life with a scent whose memory lingers on forever. The Moment is less an expression of yourself, and more a celebration of the importance of the event. Because we don’t remember days, we remember the moments that take our breath away!

So, embrace every magical moment in 2019, with this sentimental scent.

Save R489, purchase The Moment today for only R299 and receive a free Coppélia Colour waterproof mascara.

Endangered For Her: The Exceptional Woman

For the woman whose exceptional beauty, earthy appeal and sheer strength of character combine to make her a precious rarity to be adored. Endangered® For Her captures the spirit of this rare beauty with an exquisite blend of fruity notes, entwined with rich ylang-ylang, orange flower, jasmine and lily of the valley carried on an earthy base of wood and musk.

Get Endangered® For Her for only R259, saving you over 45%

Endangered For Him: The Spirited Man

Avroy Shlain’s #1 men’s scent, Endangered® For Him is a powerful aroma of fresh lemon, bergamot, artemisia and galbanum, that perfectly captures the character of the spirited man.

As a part of our R10 Sale, you can purchase the Endangered® For Him Eau de Toilette, roll-on and body spray for just R349 – That’s only R10 more than the Eau de Toilette alone! You save R344.

Safire: For The Queen At Heart

Specially created for Avroy Shlain’s 45th birthday, Safire® is a majestic scent of floral and citrus top notes, that expresses a royal and ever-enduring character. Not every queen wears a crown, and with Safire®, your inner majesty will be communicated to everyone around you.

At only R209, you’ll save R260 if you purchase Safire® from an Avroy Shlain agent today!

Isara: Captivate Your Audience

Glamorous and fascinating – she is the leading lady in her own modern fairy tale, and she carries the role with grace and poise. She captivates all who meet her, and Isara® is the perfect complement to her already alluring aura.

If you want to captivate your audience in 2019, you can purchase Isara® for only R139, a saving of R60 this month.

Perfect: Everlasting Elegance

Perfect® is a bouquet of rare blooms and precious woods, blended to perfection for the woman whose style is unquestioned and whose elegance is unmatched. She is confident, enduring and exquisitely feminine.

In a word, she is perfect.

This month, the Perfect® Eau De Toilette is available from Avroy Shlain for only R219 – a saving of R350. And, as a part of our R10 Sale, if you pay R220, you will also receive a matching Perfect® roll-on.

Once: Live without regrets

Launched in 2018, Once is the scent of the woman who lives life to the fullest. She understands that you only live once, and she intends to do so without regret or inhibition. She is brave, she is adventurous, and she is ready to face 2019 with a heart full of hope.

Contact an Avroy Shlain agent today, and get Once for only R569.

Redd: Passionate & Flamboyant

Is she unrestrained by convention? Is she fiery and passionate, with a flair for doing things in her own unique and dramatic fashion? If so, she might be a Redd® woman.

Unconcerned by the normal, she is smart and passionate enough to live her own truth. Set her free this year with the scent that speaks to her soul.

Contact an Avroy Shlain agent today, and get Redd® for only R569.

Redd For Him: Caring But Strong

He cares deeply and is in touch with his sensuality, but he is no pushover. Unrestrained by convention, he is takes charge with authority and blazes his own trail.

For the man who stands his ground, get Redd® For Him – only R499!

Expect the unexpected in 2019 with After Midnight

For the modern Cinderella, the night doesn’t always end when the clock strikes 12.

After Midnight™ is for the woman who expects the unexpected and takes control of her own destiny.

An enchanting fragrance with mystifying accords of Ylang-Ylang and reflections of exotic night Jasmine, After Midnight™ is available from an Avroy Shlain agent for only R569!

Make 2019 About Being You

As you decide on your new look, image and scent for 2019, always remember to be true to you. Choose products that complement your character and your natural beauty. Wear fragrances that speak to who you are and cosmetics that enhance what you have.

Believe in your beauty, because True Beauty Shines When You Believe!

To find out more about our great products and monthly promotions, contact us here.




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