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How To Achieve Clear Skin With The New CRT 2-in-1 Toner & Exfoliator

If you’re looking for a product that removes dead skin cells while leaving your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom (yep, it’s thaaat good) then the CRT 2 in 1 Toner & Exfoliator is for you. Trust us, it’s a dual lifesaver that’s worth a permanent place in your skincare routine. Used after the cleansing step, this multipurpose product will leave or skin looking and feeling fabulous!

Step 1: After cleansing the skin with any Avroy Shlain cleaner of your choice, let the skin airdry or pat dry with a clean towel.

Step 2: Pour a sizeable amount of the CRT 2-in-1 Toner & Exfoliator onto a cotton ball, then sweep over face and neck. You can do this twice a day. Enriched with aloe extract, this product will soothe irritation and improve skin hydration, leaving your skin firmer with a healthy glow. And yes, even people with sensitive skin can use this exfoliating toner.

Bonus? Incorporating the new CRT 2-in-1 Toner & Exfoliator will smooth out fine lines, lighten acne scars and improve skin texture. So please, go ahead and jump on this skincare bandwagon and try this awesome product!

Step 3: Apply your Avroy Shlain moisturiser, and you’re good to go!