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There are few things as frustrating as trying to repair damaged hair. It’s disheartening and can affect your confidence, but worry not, we’ve got tips to help you restore the health of your hair. The first thing to remember is that black hair thrives on moisture, so hydration is the name of the game when it comes to maintaining healthy hair, whether relaxed or natural.

Moisturise daily

Infused with super oils including Coconut and Jojoba oil, as well as Shea Butter, the Afri Moisture Hair Butter is guaranteed to repair your damaged hair, encourage growth and volume as well as lock in moisture.

Coconut Oil contains antioxidants and other essential nutrients that improve the softness of your hair and shine. It also contains vitamins E, K and iron minerals that drives your hair growth.

Jojoba Oil has a molecular structure similar to sebum (the oil naturally produced by the scalp), can aid scalp health and has anti-bacterial properties. Jojoba oil also helps with dandruff and relieves an itchy scalp.

Shea Butter is extracted from the nut fruit of the Karite tree in West Africa. It restores moisture to dry and brittle hair, prevents breakage and split ends, and promote general healthy hair growth.

Deep condition

Hair is made of 15% moisture and 85% protein. Moisture keeps the hair elastic and hydrated, while protein keeps it strong. The purpose of a deep condition is to penetrate the hair shaft and deliver protein, moisture, and nutrients to the hair, repairing and rebuilding it from the inside out. When your hair is damaged, we recommend doing a protein treatment monthly to make it strong again. By using a deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis, your hair is less prone to becoming damaged. Even if your hair doesn’t feel or look damaged right now, a deep conditioning treatment is still very beneficial.

Try: The Afri Moisture Hair Mayo. Infused with Olive Oil. This creamy hair and scalp conditioner assists in the management of hair which is prone to brittleness and breaking. The Olive Oil hydrates and moisturises the scalp and hair, leaving your hair feeling soft, easy to comb and looking healthy and it has a gorgeous cocoa butter scent. It is suitable for natural, relaxed or dyed hair.

Regularly Trim Your Hair

By trimming your hair regularly, you’re able to prevent split ends, thereby maintaining healthy, strong hair. The oldest part of the hair strand is at the end. This means the ends are dead, fragile and weak which is why you need to regularly remove them.

Though we understand it’s great to have long hair, we caution against holding onto the length even if the hair is unhealthy. Even if you were to avoid trimming, when the hair is combed, the dead ends comes off anyway – and we all know how painful it is to have a comb full of hair. So, create space for healthy, strong hair to grow by removing those unhealthy ends.