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How to up your grooming game

Put your best face forward and give your skin some love by using these 3 grooming products.

Use the right facewash

The long-awaited NEW Avroy Shlain Pure for Men Face Wash is finally here! This high-quality face wash sets the foundation of any skincare regime and keep your skin healthy. It clears dirt and grime build up, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Clean Up

Shaving is one of the few grooming luxuries a man can afford in the comfort of his home. If you’re looking for a super-smooth shave, you’ll love the Avroy Shlain Fresh Shaving Cream. Apply this rich and creamy shaving cream evenly on your beard and then remove the beard using a razor. To looking dapper!


The NEW Avroy Pure Ultra-Hydrating Moisturiser is what’s missing from your skincare routine. This top-notch moisturiser is rich in sweet Almond Oil to keep your skin soft and reduce the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines. With SPF 15, your skin will be protected against harmful UV rays that cause damage to the skin. It’s the perfect addition to the Avroy Pure range of skincare products.