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Pamper your ‘fro and relaxed hair

Hair goals come in different forms, textures, lengths, kinks, and types for many women. Whether your hair is straight and sleek from a relaxer or a kinky and voluminous afro – you still have to know what works for it and how to take good care of it. Your hair is your crown after all! Here is a hair pampering heads-up!

Moisture is your fro’s best friend

Water is an absolute necessity when it comes to your natural hair, it is one of the key things to maintaining it and keeping it healthy. Not only should you drink 8 glasses of water a day, but you should consistently apply it to your hair. Using a spritzer with water and essential hair oils helps to moisturise and detangle your hair, for a better combing experience. So, spritz away!

  1. Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp

Did you know that it is important to get the blood flow going on your scalp? Occasional scalp massages work wonders to get rid of dandruff. So, ladies, get your hair oil (try our Afri Moisture Treatment Oil) and hands ready for a scalp massage to moisturise and allow for hair to grow better.

  1. Did somebody say WASH DAY

Whether you’re rocking relaxed hair or natural hair, washing your hair weekly is something that helps you avoid dryness and frizziness. You can easily give your scalp a soothing massage with a moisture-boosting shampoo and conditioner to make sure your hair is on fleek! Our Afri Moisture 3 steps range is perfect for this routine as it contains a wash, style, and treatment regime that will leave your hair flawless! This is how the range works:

Step 1- Apply the Afri-Moisture moisturising shampoo to cleanse and remove dirt without stripping your hair of natural oils.

Step 2- Condition your hair with the Afri-Moisture hair mayo and lock in moisture. It acts as a mask treatment and the combination of olive and avocado oil leave will your hair fabulous.

Step 3- Moisturise and style your hair with the Afri-Moisture oil sheen spray, which is perfect for soothing your scalp and preventing itchiness.

  1. Protective hairstyles to protect your crown

You won’t always have the time to style your hair, be it relaxed or natural. Protective hairstyles help you grow your hair and take a break from all the combing and styling that your hair would need daily. Not only is it good for the Winter time, but protective hairstyles allow you to be versatile in your look. A tip: When plaiting your hair would be to use hair mayo on your scalp before you plait so that your hair does not break or get damaged. Our Afri Moisture Hair Mayo is the ideal product in this case! Treat yourself with a protective hairstyle but be careful to not let any braids stay for a long period or have them be extremely tight. Let your Beautifully African hair grow underneath that hairstyle!

  1. Show your hairline some love

Loving your hair also means loving your hairline. A healthy hairline makes for better hair growth. One thing to be careful of is a receding hairline and the Avroy Shlain Hairline Treatment helps you to keep your hairline moisturised and it helps it to grow. For more flawlessness, slay your edges with the Afri-Moisture Edge Control is perfect for slaying your edges, regardless.

  1. Your hair is what you eat

Feeding your body with the right nutrients also affects your hair. The way your hair looks also depends on your overall health so you want to up the ante on the right foods for your hair so you can slay! Foods such as green vegetables, fish and eggs go a long way in allowing our hair to grow well.

Always have a good hair day with Avroy Shlain

At Avroy Shlain we embrace all queens with different crowns! Being Beautifully African starts from within and it radiates naturally on the outside, your hair is proof of that! For more tips and tricks on how to keep your hair on fleek, follow us or visit our website.