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4 Easy steps to rock the natural eye look

For those early mornings when you are pressed for time and cannot do a full face beat, the go-to look is the simple natural eye look! The natural eye look done well can be flattering. The more natural the look, the more your beauty, and features are accentuated.

Give colorful eye make-up a break and go for a softer look in 4 steps:

Step #1: Apply concealer around the dark circles and eyelids of your eyes to even out your skin tone with the Avroy Shlain Color Fun Concealer Pen.

Top Tip: If you have a long day ahead of you, use a leading make-up primer to prevent your make-up from fading like the Coppelia Colour Wet and Dry Foundation or the Coppelia Flawless Finish foundation.

Step #2: Apply a shimmering nude eyeshadow to attract light and illuminate your eyelids. The Avroy Shlain Coppelia Colour Eyeshadow Trio is our go to, as it’s versatile, suits all skin tones; and works for both a day and night look.

Step #3: Blend a mid-tone shade such as a light grey to the crease of your eyelid with your blending brush. Illuminate the corner of your eyes with a light Champagne colour.

Start applying the lightest and most subtle shade from the inner part of the eye. Then, apply the darker shade on the outer part of the eyelid (the crease). Don’t forget to blend the two shades for a flawless finish.

Step #4: Make your eyelashes look bigger by curling them and then apply two generous coats of Coppélia® Lash Magic Mascara in Black. It has a specifically designed brush and volumising formula that will add a new dimension to your eyes. Plus, it’s nourishing, moisturising, and fast-drying.

Step #5: Finally, get the eyes of a goddess and apply the Coppélia® Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner! 

Top Tip: Make your eyelashes denser by applying black eyeliner to the inner rim of your eyes, so it is as close to your lash line as possible. This will make it look like your natural lash.

Let your eyes do the talking with Avroy Shlain

Now you can be Beautifully African with Avroy Shlain and let the world see your natural beauty! We have got specials galore on some of our best-selling products for you to choose from. Check out our brochure and place your order today with a Beauty Advisor near you! For more make-up tips, hacks and tricks, and all the latest specials, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.