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Time’s a-ticking – get these last-minute Christmas spoils while Stocks Last!

Woops! You’ve done it again – that merry time of year is just around the corner and you haven’t ticked off every person on your gift list! The last thing you feel like doing is wading through a crowded mall in the hopes of sniffing out the remains of discounts that have come and gone. Well, it’s Avroy Shlain to the rescue!

We’re getting into the spirit of Christmas by putting even better deals and greater savings right at your fingertips with our December brochure. All you need to do is flip, pick, and click. Select unexpected surprises for that person who’s close to your heart, or something that will make any loved one feel pampered. Keep reading to discover the perfect gift for everyone you care about this festive season.

For that special someone

Nothing reveals your feelings for someone more than carefully selecting the scent that reflects who they are in all their quirky, unique loveliness. Whether it’s a girl or guy, Avroy Shlain caters to every preference, style, and taste you can imagine.

If he’s the kind of man who approaches the world on his own terms because he’s got the confidence to match whatever comes his way, then he deserves a fragrance that captures this strong character. Coppélia Man creates an intoxicating balance between cooler and warmer scents – green citrus and aquatic aromas meet vanilla and musk to achieve the boldness that sets your man apart from the crowd. Thanks to Avroy Shlain’s Last-Minute Spoils on offer, you can get the Eau de Toilette for only R299 – that’s 40% off!

Every woman wants to be adored for who she is, and what better way to show that you truly understand her rare allure than by gifting her the sensual Miss Coppélia fragrance? Its complex medley of fruity aromas and floral notes convey a sophisticated nature while capturing her delicate beauty. Yet another feature in our last-minute spoils range that will have you saving 40%!

Up To 65% Off Festive goodies for everyone

If you’ve got something fancy in mind, then you can’t go wrong with the latest fragrance. But if you’re not sure what she likes, we’ve got exactly what you need. The limited-edition fragrance gift set includes three of Avroy Shlain’s best-selling fragrances in 30ml bottles – perfect for popping into your bag or taking with you on holiday! Whether she’s in the mood for something expressive, out of the ordinary, or classic, she’ll have her choice of fragrances and, who knows, she may even discover her signature scent along the way. Best of all, you’ll get it at 65% off!

We may not always realise it, but men and women are more alike than we think. For example, just like women, men also enjoy different scents for different occasions. So, why not mix up his collection with three new roll-on anti-perspirants? Bold Isenzo, Steel, or Coppélia Man – these distinctively masculine fragrances will capture every part of his personality.

And with summer in full swing, everyone will be celebrating a Beautifully African Christmas which means one thing – sun, sun, and more sun! This certainly calls for extra skin nourishment. Buy your loved ones the moisturisers they’ll need to keep their bodies in good shape with smooth, glowing skin. The Pure lotion range offers foot lotions with mint oil and body lotions with Aloe Vera, so there’s a treatment for every body part that needs some tender love and care. Buy a tube of foot care lotion and get another free, or buy a bottle of body care lotion and get a tube of soothing hand cream, absolutely free!

At Avroy Shlain, there’s something for everyone, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. At these prices, our products will run out faster than the pudding on Christmas Day, so now’s the time to download our brochure and get gifting with our last-minute Christmas spoils. Do you hear that? Time’s tick-tick-ticking away.

So, have a look through Avroy’s December brochure, or check out our 2019 Gift Guide for even more festive specials.






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