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Valentine’s Date Night Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just a moment away, and we couldn’t be more excited! There’s just something so special, so beautifully African about setting aside a day for the celebration of love and romance. Whether you and your partner have known each other for years or are still in the passionate throes of the “honeymoon phase”, you should never let a Valentine’s Day go to waste. Of course, we understand that the hectic hubbub of modern life can get in the way of putting in as much thought and care as such a special occasion deserves.

Luckily, there’s nothing Avroy Shlain enjoys more than sharing love and beauty, and we delight in helping to make every Valentine’s Day as special and as memorable as possible. In that spirit, our February brochure is packed with heartfelt specials and romantic beauty ideas, perfect for bringing your fairy-tale Valentine’s to full-colour, seductively aromatic life.

Whether you’re planning a romance movie marathon at home with your love, or a candlelit dinner for two at the restaurant of your choice, turn to Avroy Shlain for your date-night essentials.

Date-night essentials for her

What’s Valentine’s Day for, if you can’t use it as an excuse to get all dolled up to turn heads and drop the jaw of the man you love? And what is Avroy Shlain for, if we can’t give you the beauty tips and tools to make the most of the natural beauty you were blessed with?


Bring him to his knees with a single sultry look, enhanced and complemented by quality ColorFun cosmetics. With bold lipsticks for only R79, lip crayons for R99, and eye liners for just R59, you can afford to experiment with a number of looks until you find the one that’s perfect for you – and for him.

Date-night essentials for him

For the man who wants to leave a lasting first impression, without having to say a word, bold and striking fragrances are always the way to go. The nose knows, after all, and a man says a lot about himself through the scent that he uses to communicate himself to the world.

Luckily, our Valentine’s brochure has plenty to offer the man on the lookout for his signature fragrance. And whether you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift, or something for him to wear to your Valentine’s date, we’ve got you covered.

For the daring and strongminded man, who sticks to his convictions, never backs down, and plays by his own rules, Bold Isenzo and Bold Blue are the perfect scents to express his spirit. At only R199 each, there’s no need to choose; get both and he can experiment to find his favourite.

If your man is more the suave, sophisticated type, our best-selling Black Diamond is on special for February, and purchasing a bottle of the EDT for only R309 will also get him a Black Diamond roll-on.

Date-night essentials to share

Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about you or him, it’s about the magic you can make together. So, when you’re out on your big Valentine’s date, why not give a gift that speaks to what you have in common; your passion for each other.

Among our most popular fragrances, Redd for Him and Redd Pulse for Her are inspired by the passion of true pulse-racing love. These distinct but complementary scents are perfect for both the new couple, still high on the rush of love, and the established couple, who’ve cherished many Valentine’s together.

Save R539 when you purchase both for only R459!

Make an impression with Avroy Shlain

The Avroy Shlain February brochure is absolutely packed with great gifts for making Valentine’s Day that extra bit special. So make sure you don’t miss out on our great deals. And, if you’re feeling lucky, remember to enter the Show Us Your Red competition, and you could win R1000 worth of best-selling fragrances, in love-inspired, heart-shaped bottles.




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